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Friday, December 30, 2016

Week 21

  We had the best time Skyping with Elder Kennedy on Christmas.  It was great to hear his voice and see his smile. He loves the people in Colombia and his companion, Elder Olvera .  He shared some pictures of his week.

He looks so thin, He has now lost 50 pounds!!

Elder Kennedy made sure he gave his sister some good advice.

I love to take pictures!!

Our Christmas family picture

Elder Kennedy and Elder Olvera

Elder Kennedy with Elder Olvera


Elder Kennedy's desk

Elder Kennedy has been without a pillow and blanket for a few weeks.  We were happy to see he has both now.

 Elder Kennedy wanted to thank everyone for praying for him and writing him e-mails.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 20

I've been transferred..I'm now serving in Barranquilla the city and I live in a house with another compañerismo.  I"m a lot better now and I really love my campañion, Elder Olvera.  He is from Mexico and has 21 months in the mission. He's teaching me a lot and is really positive and always happy so its helping a lot. I"m still struggling a lot but not with the language.. well yes with the language but i"m pretty functional.  I just cant learn junk about the lessons or remember scriptures or yeah everything that matters on a mission but uh huh.. There's your costeñol for the email hahaha but yeah I'm doing better. We went to a mall today called Buenavista in Barranquilla. its huge!!! I bought McDonald's and it was really good,  which sounds weird but when you eat rice 2 times a day for 4 months it changes a man. anyway here's a pic of me with it. love you guys. 
I got the Christmas packages, Thank you! Also Elder Olvera wanted to say thank you!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 19

No letter this week.  Elder Kennedy did get a new companion last week.  His name is Elder Santos from Brazil.  They got a Christmas tree to decorate their apartment on their P-Day this week.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 18

Hola de Colombia! I had a good week... we found about 25 new investigators and most of them are firm. Baranoa has a lot of potencial so I hope it goes somewhere. We almost got hit by a motocarro the other day so that was fun but hey I'm here. My companion is getting transferred tomorrow and has been called as a zone leader so I'll be getting a new companion. Idk where he'll go or where I'll be or who my companion is but I'm ready to get a move on. I have to walk kind of slow and cant workout in the morning because of my surgery so I've been kind of bummed lately but uh huh. Attatched are some pictures of me today. I got bored while my companion was writing President so I found something to do. Love you guys.

While chatting with his Dad, Elder Kennedy told him that he had liver and onions the other day and   drank a lot of juice of mora.  I think it is blackberry but I don't know.
No, I felt bad but I couldn't do it ( he was referring to the liver and onions)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 16

Querido familia mio y amigos,
Espero que ustedes son muy bien y son felices. Mi semana fue muy aburrido porque no puedo trabajar!! Pero yo tuve la oportunidad a estudiar mucho y hablar con presidente y otros miembros en la casa. Okay all jokes aside... (Dont freak out mother I'm writing in English) I had a long week. I just sat in the house and studied, I'm about to go insane..I still have until Thursday! Talking energizes me, so its rough. But my email this week. is about the natural man. We read in the scriptures that the natural man is an enemy to God and that we should be the opposite of the natural man, the spiritual man. But what does that mean? In the Spanish scriptures there's something called the GEE which is pretty much a topical guide.  It says that the natural man is someone who follows HIS passions, HIS wants,  pretty much what HE wants and ignores what the LORD wants. This is very important because in reality, its really hard to not be ¨the natural man. With all that is in the world and the changing standards. But as we trust in God and come unto him with HUMILITY , he will help us overcome these natural man tendencies. We read in Alma that satan has control of the natural man, and that the natural man is an enemy to God. So what its really saying is that when were the natural man, were an enemy to God. My invitation this week is to humble yourselves before God. Look over your life and wants, desires, whatever it may be and look for things to improve and change to be closer to God. Love you guys. Have a good week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 15

This week on Saturday November 12, 2016 Elder Kennedy had to have his appendix removed.  Elder Kennedy has remained fine and in good spirits throughout his hospitalization.  Every time we received a picture  it did our hearts good to see that he was getting well taken care of,  both spiritually and physically.  These pictures have  strengthened our faith to know he was in such good hands when we were not able to be there.  We had to step aside and trust so that the Lord could come in and create miracles for Elder Kennedy and our testimonies.  We are grateful for all of the Nurses, Doctors, Mission President and his Beautiful Wife, Elder Santiago,  and Branch President Florez.  Keep Elder Kennedy in your prayers as he continues to recover.

Getting ready to go back home to Baranoa

Mission President Gallego, Sister Gallego, and fellow Missionary

Back in the hospital on a bland diet

Checked out fine and released again today 11/16/16 with  Branch President Florez

Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 13

Hola mi querido en los estados unidos!
I had a long busy week but bueno its all good.  I'm suffering with joy because honestly my problems don't matter right now.  There's a lot of struggles here but also a lot of happiness.  I believe that there is a lot to learn from this.  A lot of people here in Baranoa don't have a lot but they are some of the happiest people that I have met.  Why? I believe it's because they have what they need and are humbled before God.  The importance of family is really being shown to me here.  We have a MA that her house and every house on her side of the street is family.  There is like 6 houses and they are all family.  They are so close and full of love.  I'd like to share a little testimony with you about the importance of families.  Realamente families are from God and for a good reason.  When we have an environment full of love and the spirit of God, nothing can stop us.  Think of it like this, if you didn't know how to walk, would you be able to learn in a public school or any other school for that matter? NO!! because they are always tearing you down and showing you your weakness.  There is no love and no support.  Right now in the United States there is no God.  Now think of your mother ( mom I'm thinking of you) she taught you how to walk and it worked,  for most of us (dad) jajaja but why? Because we had the support and the Godly love that we needed from our mothers!  I have a strong testimony of families and the importance of them.  They are literally always there for you even when they probably shouldn't be.  Be thankful for what you have, not your things, not your money.  Be thankful for the things that really matter.  Family, friends, church, or whatever it may be.  I love you guys!!  My Spanish is coming along well and I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday.  I know all that I wanted to say so it went good. I love you!
We went to Barranquilla and played Soccer.  We also grilled chicken and had coke.  

See the huge iguana

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 12

Thank you for the email.  It has been a rough week but Elder Cagua really helped me.  Tonight we get transfer calls.  We baptized Sandra ( she is the one from the family).  I forgot to bring my camera so no pictures this week.  I was super nauseous after the baptism on the bus ride back to Baranoa.  I had stomach pain and my kidneys were hurting.  I got a blessing and feel a lot better.  Not a lot happened this week.   I have a lot of stories to tell you but it is too much to type.  I will tell you in 21 months:) I am doing good, getting more confident everyday and loving it here.   I am starting to get used to it here and my Spanish is getting better.  I might be going to Cartegena but I don't know.  I could be staying here too.  Love you!! I love the Salachipapa.  It has sauce on it and these crunchy things and is so good! I bought a little sombrero for a key chain and had the guy burn my name into the wood on it. I'll send a pic next week. it was only 2000 pesos but its way cool.

Elder Kennedy

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 11 Again

Mother..blah this is the best email you have sent.  I'm losing my my hair line is receding and it's falling out in the shower.  I think its stress but who knows.  I sleep OK, I always wake up tired.  I forgot to tell you about that family.  One night a couple weeks ago they said they all wanted to get baptized as a family.  It was a miracle.  I am so happy for them!!  This week was crazy! I stepped in a mud hole and it went up to my knees, then a member poured water on it.  The next day a bug flew
my ear and never came out.  Today there was another emergency transfer, so I am in a trio again with Elder Cagua from Ecuador for a week until cambios.  I have pictures so no worries.  It was a busy week and super fast.  We didn't have time for anything..  We had an interchange and was left alone in my area with another Elder and I did really good.  I know the area and the language better than I give myself credit for.  I'm good , gaining more confidence and figuring everything out.  I hope we can chat.  I love you guys.  Also, I recorded this week but I forgot it.  Love you guys. Elder Kennedy

I like to keep a clean apartment!!

There's a huge palm tree outside of our apartment

after the mud hole

Me and Elder Santiago

after the mud hole