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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Elder Kennedy sent a voice recording this week- I may not have spelled all the words right. Sorry in advance!

Hola Buenas dias. On Sep 13 I flew out at 2 am because I had to leave for Barranquilla at 330 so I only had 4 hours of sleep.  The city feels so much better than Bogota and I was excited to get my new area and trainer. Mea tranador es Elder Santiago de peru . Mi hermano de Barranquilla. My town is Baranoa in the middle of nowhere, it’s pretty sweet though. Except it's hot and I don't know the language but i think you guys would like it because there are sand streets everywhere and the people are pretty cool. I had a pretty bad day Sept 13, I threw up at a members house because we ate at this place for lunch where they just came around and cut off meat until you were full. I was just feeling pretty bad about myself. On Sep 14 Baranoa is an 1 ½ south of Barranquilla. I got to see all the other norte’s. It has a weird smell. Then we taught our first family, familia de polo. Its pretty amazing.  We had dinner with Orlaida su familia, we taught Maria Jose. I'm feeling better about the area. Sep 15 I wasn't feeling it.  I find myself often doubting why I'm here, my worthiness, just everything so I hope that goes away but it hasn't yet so idk. Weekly planning takes like 3 hours so it's really boring. My trainer is really good, the work is good we have 8 investigators, 3 baptisms coming up on next Sat. a ton of less actives to teach so I can't complain. The dinner contract we have with a family is Orlaida, we go over there 2 times a day for lunch and dinner. Their small house feels like home to me, so it's great. I just can't understand what they're saying because they talk so fast except for now i can because el donde lenguas or the gift of tongues for you English speakers. It rained today so we stayed at the Orlaidas house for like 3 hours. For dinner we had arepa con huevos, it was really good. They have a lot of juice here my favorite is jugo de ludo, idk what it is but it's muy rico, super bueno.  I also had ants in my pina juice today but i sucked it up because I love pina., good day we taught Vanessa and Elena so that was good. Sep 15 I'm starting to really like  it here. Sep 16 we woke up and we didn't have water in our apartment because of the storm that happened the night before so we had to walk to the other missionaries apartment in Baranoa to shower, it was not fun. We took a long bus ride to Barranquilla for reunion de zona. It made me feel a lot better about the work here, it got me pumped up to talk to the zone leaders after and I really like them. On the way back we stopped at this bakery and I got this huge thing of bread for 1 mil pesos it's like 30 cents and it was a lot of food. It was way good it had ham and cheese inside then we came back and had lunch with Orlaida and talked to family polo, they're one of my favorites I'm getting closer to them and I love it. Then we met and taught the family mecheco, they are great. then we had dinner it was good. My favorite juice is still ludo but had juice gallaba con leche it was pretty good too. I love the juice and the food here, it's super good. Ill definitely be making juice of something for a long time  I love the culture here is always a lot of music playing and everyone pretty laid back. I know when I learn Spanish I will strive i still doubt a lot everyday in the morning but by night it gets better. People like to blare music here in Baranoa. Today Sep 17 we had language study so i got to teach my roommates a little bit of English. Then we had to go to the church because there's 3 baptisms next week and they have to have interviews. Then we talked to a lady in the street named Edemira, she was way old and didn't really know what was going on. But it's all good then we talked to Matilde who is a new investigator. We talked to the 3 amigos we called them. We got 3 more investigators. They're all older brothers . Spanish is hard but I'm trying really hard so i hope I pick it up soon. We had dinner at Orlaidas house and they were blaring Colombian music, it was awesome i loved it. I was really doubting myself about everything today. Satan is really trying to get me to go home  but I hope it gets better it is a little bit. I really do love being here., idk  Baranoa feels like home and where I need to be, the people are great and I love the culture, I have no complaints well except Spanish, I wish I could understand more but it's a great area. Today we had church and 4 investigators came then we went and taught a bunch of people ,we had to walk a lot , it is hotter than usual. Then we had empanada con queso. You guys would love it here, you should look it up it's pretty cool. There's these little things called votocaros. Idk what they're called in English but they're pretty cool we take those a lot they're cheap. Tomorrow I'm gonna go buy a bunch of food. Also I bought over a liter of postobon naranja for 2 mil so like 70 cents it was a steal man. I'm gonna go buy more food tomorrow. So hope you guys are good, love you, ciao.

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