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Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 16

Querido familia mio y amigos,
Espero que ustedes son muy bien y son felices. Mi semana fue muy aburrido porque no puedo trabajar!! Pero yo tuve la oportunidad a estudiar mucho y hablar con presidente y otros miembros en la casa. Okay all jokes aside... (Dont freak out mother I'm writing in English) I had a long week. I just sat in the house and studied, I'm about to go insane..I still have until Thursday! Talking energizes me, so its rough. But my email this week. is about the natural man. We read in the scriptures that the natural man is an enemy to God and that we should be the opposite of the natural man, the spiritual man. But what does that mean? In the Spanish scriptures there's something called the GEE which is pretty much a topical guide.  It says that the natural man is someone who follows HIS passions, HIS wants,  pretty much what HE wants and ignores what the LORD wants. This is very important because in reality, its really hard to not be ¨the natural man. With all that is in the world and the changing standards. But as we trust in God and come unto him with HUMILITY , he will help us overcome these natural man tendencies. We read in Alma that satan has control of the natural man, and that the natural man is an enemy to God. So what its really saying is that when were the natural man, were an enemy to God. My invitation this week is to humble yourselves before God. Look over your life and wants, desires, whatever it may be and look for things to improve and change to be closer to God. Love you guys. Have a good week!

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