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Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 18

Hola de Colombia! I had a good week... we found about 25 new investigators and most of them are firm. Baranoa has a lot of potencial so I hope it goes somewhere. We almost got hit by a motocarro the other day so that was fun but hey I'm here. My companion is getting transferred tomorrow and has been called as a zone leader so I'll be getting a new companion. Idk where he'll go or where I'll be or who my companion is but I'm ready to get a move on. I have to walk kind of slow and cant workout in the morning because of my surgery so I've been kind of bummed lately but uh huh. Attatched are some pictures of me today. I got bored while my companion was writing President so I found something to do. Love you guys.

While chatting with his Dad, Elder Kennedy told him that he had liver and onions the other day and   drank a lot of juice of mora.  I think it is blackberry but I don't know.
No, I felt bad but I couldn't do it ( he was referring to the liver and onions)

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