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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 3

Not a lot happened this week.  I am growing a lot and love seeing the changes.  This transfer no more nortes will be coming in so we will be the only gringos for a while.  The BBQ sauce he is really good and I put it on everything.  On Saturday we went contacting outside of the CCM and got to walk around for 3 hours.  We got to talk to real people.  El don de lengues us muy real, words just came to my mind and my companion and I got 9 contacts!  I was paired with Elder Castillo from Peru so it was cool.  All of the older Elders and Latinos left today so it got me really pumped but other than that not much happened this week.  Love you guys!!

We got to chat back and forth for a little while

Elder Kennedy said that he has lost 15 pounds. Pizza and ice cream are his favorite foods.  The pizza  is really good but different than in the US.  The  ice cream is 100x better, but he doesn't get it very often.  He loves Colombia so much and gets so excited to learn and teach his investigadores.  He gets to make a lesson just for them and its a great feeling.

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