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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 11 Again

Mother..blah this is the best email you have sent.  I'm losing my my hair line is receding and it's falling out in the shower.  I think its stress but who knows.  I sleep OK, I always wake up tired.  I forgot to tell you about that family.  One night a couple weeks ago they said they all wanted to get baptized as a family.  It was a miracle.  I am so happy for them!!  This week was crazy! I stepped in a mud hole and it went up to my knees, then a member poured water on it.  The next day a bug flew
my ear and never came out.  Today there was another emergency transfer, so I am in a trio again with Elder Cagua from Ecuador for a week until cambios.  I have pictures so no worries.  It was a busy week and super fast.  We didn't have time for anything..  We had an interchange and was left alone in my area with another Elder and I did really good.  I know the area and the language better than I give myself credit for.  I'm good , gaining more confidence and figuring everything out.  I hope we can chat.  I love you guys.  Also, I recorded this week but I forgot it.  Love you guys. Elder Kennedy

I like to keep a clean apartment!!

There's a huge palm tree outside of our apartment

after the mud hole

Me and Elder Santiago

after the mud hole

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