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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 12

Thank you for the email.  It has been a rough week but Elder Cagua really helped me.  Tonight we get transfer calls.  We baptized Sandra ( she is the one from the family).  I forgot to bring my camera so no pictures this week.  I was super nauseous after the baptism on the bus ride back to Baranoa.  I had stomach pain and my kidneys were hurting.  I got a blessing and feel a lot better.  Not a lot happened this week.   I have a lot of stories to tell you but it is too much to type.  I will tell you in 21 months:) I am doing good, getting more confident everyday and loving it here.   I am starting to get used to it here and my Spanish is getting better.  I might be going to Cartegena but I don't know.  I could be staying here too.  Love you!! I love the Salachipapa.  It has sauce on it and these crunchy things and is so good! I bought a little sombrero for a key chain and had the guy burn my name into the wood on it. I'll send a pic next week. it was only 2000 pesos but its way cool.

Elder Kennedy

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