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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 11

I had a bit of a rough week this week.  We went to a place called Polonuevo in our area.  I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life.  Come to find out I'm the first  "gringo" to be there. They've never seen a white boy!! Everyone stares and one lasy said hey look a gringo.  All of the mujeres look and stare. I felt awkward but protected.  The weird thing is that in Polonuevo I teach my best lessons.  The Spanish just comes a little easier.  It is Venezuelen.  They slur everything and it's really hard to understand but I did.  Everyone blares their music here so getting a lesson that is completely quite is close to never.  Almost every house has huge speakers systems.  With one Venezulen hermana I felt the spirit and taught about faith.  It was cool.  I learned how to study my scriptures better this week and I'm learning a lot faster. I got pretty down and desanimado about my Spanish this week but I'm still pushing.  This is rough but I love it here. I found out how much weight I have lost but I'm not telling you because you'll freak. I eat rice everyday.  I love rice with coconut, it's amazing.  Also patagon y muhara.  The juices here rock.  My favorites are lulo y maracuya.  Love you guys
Elder Kennedy
From Elder Kennedy's mom- He did let us know how how much weight he has lost- 40 pounds and yes I was freaking out!!

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